bending relief, but not for you

Bending Relief is another new tumblr that I recently came across.
 but the relief that will be achieved: http://bendingrelief.tumblr.com/
 will be accomplished
 by you bending over
 or otherwise exposing your bare bottom
 so that she can relieve her dissatisfaction
 by use of a cane
 or strap
 whatever her heart desires
 to relieve the stress and displeasure you have caused her
 be afraid, if you ever meet one of these ladies
The site began in June of this year.
bottoms up


Baxter said...

The pix that simulate a female boss dealing with a bad male employee has a certain interesting theme to it. Not that I have a female boss, but there are women I work with that could fill that role and I am sure they could deliver a good spanking.
Great pix Red

Anonymous said...

I've been in many of those positions and felt the paddle, strop, belt and others. Sounds like a good site Red. A few of the exposed bottoms are starting to get a nice red glow.

Red said...

Red: see more great pics at the site mentioned
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: glad you liked the reminders of positions
bottoms up