Be careful with your fantasies

I saw this article in a London Newspaper while in London a month ago...
At times, almost everyone might do some flirting with a member of the opposite sex at work, and our thoughts  might be more fantasies than reality.

So, having read the above little tale, it  is best to simply dream of this happening

or possibly either pay to spank a professional ( http://elizabethburns.com/ )

A word of warning... NO Photos on the site ... thus no real knowledge if this is the same Mrs. Burns.. or someone trying to take advantage by using a similar name)

Elizabeth Burns has been  in many photo shoots
or to be spanked by a professional (but if you see some of the pictures, she can deliver an excellent spanking to you)

It has to be cheaper than 13,000 quid (pounds) = 20800 US$
bottoms up


Baxter said...

There are plenty of sexy chicks at work that I would love to get over my knee so I could examine their bare bottom while I spank it. Jeans Friday is always my favorite day of the work week as female bottoms are usually tucked away in some real sexy jeans that excentuate the best of their form. Hey tomorrow is Friday. YAY


Red said...

Baxter: I thought of you when I saw this article.. Enjoy jean fridays
bottoms up

web-ed said...

I do not believe it is the same Elizabeth Burns. I know the model's real name although of course I will not give it here. The pictures are from her days over at Michael Masterson's Real Spankings group of sites, but that professional relationship ended a long time ago. If she were also the pro-spanker Elizabeth Burns, it's hard to see why she would refuse to show her face. I believe this second E.B. has been around for a number of years, although I have never met her (I'm a Top), so the names may be coincidence.

Red said...

Thanks for the info. I agree that if it was the ELIZABETH BUR NS, then her face would be shown
bottoms up