5,000,000 total pageviews and more

If one ever needed reassurance that spanking exists between consenting adults, and is a extremely popular, the plethora of spanking blogs and tumblrs and wordpress, besides pay sites should remove all doubts.

My little site predominantly involves men being spanked by women, as I am spanked by my wife, far more often than she is spanked...

Using a site called www.statcounter.com, and  not actually using it when I first started this blog, statcounter states that this blog has surpassed the 5,000,000 mark for page views.


My humble thanks to everyone that drops by, whether daily, often, occasinaly, seldom, or first timers... I can always wish more leave comments, but what the heck, seeing these numbers always encourages me to keep posting...

Plus, finding new pictures throughout the web is entertaining to say the least...

so, bottoms up to all of you...

May all your desires to spank
 or be spanked
or both come true, whether it is opposite or same sex, have fun...




Hermione said...

Wow! That's amazing! Your popularity is well-deserved. My little blog may never reach that target number of hits.


Bonnie said...

Hi Red,

You continue to deliver what your readership likes and so they keep coming back. That is the simple formula for blogging success and you execute it flawlessly. Bravo and congratulations!


garyntboy said...

Well deserved...(like all of my spankings, tee hee).
Always enjoy a visit here. Keep up the good work.
Kind regards,


Well done Red. I used to use Statcounter.com too but I found that it did not work as well with Wordpress as it does with blogger. Shame really I found it very useful.


Baxter said...

Red, I thoroughly enjoy your blog and do want you to continue posting. I enjoy all the pictures of men and women being spanked, the pictures of women holding implements with captions, and your own personal dialogue about the subject. You are right that spanking is very popular as there are countless blogs, hundreds of books (take a look on Amazon on the subject) free and pay sites, sites with spanking fiction. I know I am not the only person that thinks about spanking a lot as I know I am in good company with hundreds of thousands of folks. It is a great thing and you have my support and I will keep putting comments on your blogs. Thanks Red.

Anonymous said...

You can feel proud of your blog Red you do a good job, and I and many others love to read about Cindy spanking you. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Wow.


Red said...

Hermione, Bonnie,Garyntboy, Perfectdt, Baxter, Archedone,Joey:
Thanks for the kind words. I do have fun posting, so will keep doing while not on vacation, and love the feedback. However, some of the page views are because people google search for pictures, and clicking on the picture results in being sent to the site. Hopefully they enjoy the public pictures taken from other tumblrs and blogs.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Like every spanking we get, the success of your blog is "amply deserved"!


Red said...

L: so very true, at least when discussing you being spanked (and me being spanked) :)
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Let me assure you that L, _deserves_ any paddling, flogging or caning he gets! And he may also (when he has committed a fault I haven't yet a chance to discover) fetch the martinet and show up with his trousers at half-mast to submit to his just deserts!