excellent spanking photo tumblr site

I thought I would alert you to another spanking tumblr site that has many excellent photos
 many of which you may not have seen before
 The site   http://spanktastik.tumblr.com
 The site has both men and women being spanked

 but you know the preference of this blog

All photos come from this site
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Red I'll have to look at the site. I have the same view as you.
a man presenting his bottom for a consensual spanking is a wonderful sight. I would love for R to have a paddle like the one in picture 4. My thoughts on picture 3, she caught him looking at a spanking site without permission, so now she is giving him one.

Baxter said...

Great pictures Red. All those women mean business and I would be happy to present my bottom to any of them for a good spanking, especially the one with that solid paddle in the last picture. Ah fantasies, aren't they fun.

Red said...

archedone: you are welcome...#3 always like a photo of the man naked being spanked by a fully clothes woman... shows she is in total charge of the situation
bottoms up

Red said...

baxter: fantasies are always fun... and that last woman looks like she could deliver a real wallop with such a thick wood paddle
bottoms up