photo humor and caption day

Well, so many tumblrs, that can get you spanked
so little time
 so enjoy life
the best is yet to come
 remember also
 and, a little adage
 good idea
then again
 your choice
and one other thought, a photo  from somewhere with a sense of humor
enjoy life
bottoms up


Baxter said...

If certain women at work told me to KMA, I would not hesitate at all. I kiss my wife's butt literally and figuratively all the time.

Red said...

Baxter: agreed, and so I do (Cindy's that is)
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

First pic of guy getting bare ass spanking over knee is not unlike my wife and I as a couple times a year we both seem to know at the same time my conduct has been so outrageous she has every right to paddle me I probably look like this guy however since I always take a quick shower before I put myself over her lap and sofa--I am just a naked guy taking a deserved paddling---the guy looks sort of like me and probably feels like me at that time

Red said...

anon; as it should be...behave better in the future
bottoms up