feet in the air position

Well, to be truthful (as Always)  this is a position
that is far too dangerous
 both for my back
 and definitely for my bottom
 A helping hand is often needed
to keep those feet upright
 unless you make amazing use of  a chair
 the view for a male spanking a female is spectacular
 but the stretched skin
 is agony for the spankee
 best to wait your turn and hope the spanker gets tired
 so enjoy helping out a friend
 she will be HAPPY to return the FAVOR very quickly
bottoms up


Hermione said...

No thanks. That's not a position I'd ever want to try.


Michael M said...

Probably a more decorative view if it is a female spankee or if the male is wearing a thong. Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

OUCH been in that position a few times. The cheeks are tight and it really stings. In the picture with the spoon being used she is also using the back of the spoon and that adds more sting. When I've been in that position all my equipment is tucked safety away from harm. It is NOT one of my favorite positions.
and a P.S. to Hermione you should try all positions at least once.

Constance et Simon said...

We tried this position several times, but it certainly isn't something me might do regularly... Far too painful. And I so much prefer when the buttocks (either mine or Constance's) giggle a little after a smack.
Anyway, great post!

ronnie said...

Not a favourite position of mine.


Baxter said...

I would try that position at least once, keeping the important stuff way away. the top guy getting spanked has a great view of his female friends erotic areas. and very true that the spanker has a great view of the spankees erotic areas.

Red said...

hermione: we think totally alike on this issue.
bottoms up

Red said...

michael: very decorative for certain
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: possibly true to try a position once, but possible back injury is not worth the chance..
bottoms up

Red said...

constance et simon: definitely far too painful... and looking at a jiggling bottom is fun..
bottoms up

Red said...

Ronnie: nor popular for me.. but always nice to show different poses for others much younger to try
bottoms up

Red said...

baxter: let us know the outcome
bottoms up