Cindy Spanked while cruising

Cindy is adapting well to being spanked. OF course, she is still somewhat in charge...
I was reminded by this when Bonnie posted her weekly question,
B)  in exchange for something desired

Electronics can get you spanked. Cindy had taken books out of the library, for reading on her Nook.

One that she was really enjoying reading, had many many pages left in it, and it would disappear from her device at midnight.

We could go to the show on board, and then walk on deck, and relax to some music... as a couple, or I could be on my own while she read.

I was miffed that she was thinking of choosing the book, so I offered that I could spank her after she had finished reading the book....... for not relaxing together....

She pondered and stated only with your hand....
I countered that she will be reading for at least two hours.. and even then only skimming some of the pages, so this spanking would be with the hairbrush......
She paused, and then only ten spanks, but I countered with 20 spanks as you know what you are dong is wrong, and yet are intent on doing it even if you are to be spanked with the hair brush....

Not hard was her reply, and I said medium so that you do not find yourself in this predicament again.

She agreed...

Have I told you that I am pretty good when it comes to negotiations...

Cindy wanted he spanking right away, but I thought it best to wait until after she finished, enhancing her anxiousness, and my excitement.

When Cindy finished, as we had spent some time in the library, we went back to our room, turned on the television......

and slowly, I disrobed Cindy from the waist down, lecturing about her foolishness, and then guided her over my waiting knees...

I gave Cindy a slow spanking, first one cheek, then the other,
and a little fondling to prolong the experience... Twenty spanks came slowly and were very much enjoyed by me, and to a much lesser extent by Cindy... Her bottom showed a very nice red color.
 When finished, after a quick shower for Cindy, we made love, and it was exquisite...

Incidentally, and much to Cindy's chagrin, when she looked at her reader the next day, the book was still there, it had not disappeared, and it remained there for the remainder of the cruise....

bottoms up


  1. She was cruisin' for a bruisin' as they say.

    Sounds like fun.

    1. definitely fun, but also more fun for me than Cindy
      bottoms up

  2. It sounds like you enjoyed applying the brush to her bottom and you should. Cindy was wrong and deserved the spanking. I wish when my wife was wrong she would accept spanking, but I'm the only one in this family that is spanked. That is not to say I don't give her some "love" swats now and then. I have a feeling the love session after made the spanking worth it for her.

    1. archedone: negotiate just a little specially when she knows that she has done something wrong, that would have gotten you spanked hard and ASAP....
      We both enjoy making love, without the need of a spanking, so it may have added only a minor enhancement for her, but time will tell
      bottoms up


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