unfortunate emails / carpet beater photos

A little problem exists with my blog, which I really cannot correct. I am sometimes sent personal requests for a spanking, from men thinking that the pictures express my services.
Here is one such request: I think the original was Dutch, as it was the best version after trying German.
"My name is Martin and i am 40jr. Like i come to you along for an old-fashioned pak spank evil where it hurts. I am referring to the knee and hand, ruler and mattenkloppen a grasp on my naked buttocks, after they are warmed up. Tomorrow afternoon at 12.30 is possible?   (mattenkloppen means carpet beater)"
I have no problem with publishing this because I do not give the email address of the sender. However, I wish I could make it clearer that I am male, and post this blog for fun, and to encourage a spanking lifestyle
Readers can always click on the links on the side to a few professional dominatrices.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Having a blog can present some problems. It sounds like your e mail was from someone not of this country and does not understand english. I'm sure he meant no problem. Actually I think if his request was not so serious it would be funny.

Red said...

archedone: I totally agree it is not a problem, just unfortunate that someone gets brave enough to ask, but is so mistaken as to who they are asking. I agree that it is a language problem.
bottoms up