new readers always welcomed

It is always nice to have new readers, and specially if they send a information about their situation. Plus, comments are wonderful, whenever anyone chooses to write.

so here is what Archedone wrote:
I came across your site about a week ago.  I love it. I've posted a few comments in different areas and love the comments you get from others.  I also am a spanked husband, I also wear silk panties ( made for men ) and my spanking usually leads to sex. I would say I get erotic spanking even though my bottom is very red and sore after, and usually has a few welts from the whip she uses.
I don't get much OTK, I'm usually bent over the spanking bench I made for her or bent over the end of the bed or other object. 
She loves to spank me in different positions and we have a nice assortment of implements for her to carry out the spanking.  
We have the whip I mentioned, a belt, strop, paddle, wooden spoon, rod.  She also loves to take pictures of my bottom during and after spanking, so she can show me my well spanked bottom after.  
Keep up the good site.
Welcome aboard
bottoms up


tommyspt said...

so many lovely spankers out there but unfortunately i only have i bottom to be spanked by them all. it will probably take a veryu long time but i will try to get spanked by all of them. (mostly in my dreams) maybe i can start drawing them as my models. of course i would send a copy of the drawing to them for approval before posting.

Red said...

tommyspt: I enjoy your drawings, as well as the pictures that are so very available on tumblr. I have the problem of identifying the ladies, so really only ask my readers for help in finding a website if I use a few of the same spanker.
I am amazed how many people visit my site, but many simply come by a google search for pictures, and only arrive by clicking on a picture, and leave immediately.
So good luck in finding out who some o fthe spankers are
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

looking around this web site, reading and looking at the pictures I wish I was in a relationship where I could be spanked. There is no way my wife would consent to do it or receive it. I wish I had a way to experience it just once.

Red said...

Anon: professionals are always available in large cities. Save a little money every week, and eventually you would have enough to pay for one.
However, read the disciplinarywivesclub.com website, and if your wife permits, you could order the please spank me document as a way of giving you ideas that might eventually lead to your being spanked.
Maybe write to me privately, explaining more of your situation, and I might be able to help a little.
bottoms up