vintage spanking photos

A little selection of spanking photos...
lovely stacking....
 fantasy 101
 fantasy 102 bound and spanked by two women
 oh no, not my shoe
sit on him, and he can't get away
These guys seem to be UP for the occasion of bondage and switching and birching.
pain and pleasure, kisses and the switch
bare those bottoms, but leave the shoes on
 love when he is spanked, she is topless
 she  seems to be getting her point across ( now i understand stiletto heels)
standing in the corner while a flogger is used
outdoor fun
These old photos make me wonder how I developed a spanking fetish, but does account for liking women's bottoms.
bottoms up


  1. Those were the days of innocence and of course you needed to take the film to the chemist back then to get them developed, so even more embarrassment.

    1. michael M:absolute embarrassment, but times are different now... and I really appreciate the availability of such freedom of spanking expression
      bottom sup


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