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A new tumblr has burst on the scene for the last month.
It has only pictures of men being spanked, women  doing the spanking, and pictures of annoyed women that are about to spank you.
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Njspank said...

As much as I love the spanking pics, I love the look on the first lady!

spankedbywife said...

Thanks for bring to light this great site. After seeing your post I checked it out and was honored to find our blog included in the list. So I invited them to re-blog our pix if they wanted.

Oh, and by the way, feel free to use our pix here on your blog, too. All we ask is for the watermarks to be left.

Red said...

Ron: yes, she is very impressive...
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Red said...

Ken: Glad you liked the site, and yes I will put the watermark or some notification (if i forget, please let me know)
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The Disciplined Husband said...

Red, thank you so much for mentioning my tumblr, I am so honored by this and by your comments. Without any fake pathos you are a daily inspiration to me. I love your style, your open mind and attitude to FM spanking.

99% of the time I simply reblog other tumblr pictures, occasionally adding a comment merging the pic with my own fantasies. I started doing this to collect pics that are realistic in a domestic and marital discipline context.

There are a number of tumblr sites I dig (I believe you have featured them here and probably introduced me to most of them first) and I simply wanted to share their stuff avoiding the content outside of the bare bottom domestic discipline scene (e.g. BDSM, cuckold, foot fetish).

And Ken thank you for your very kind comment. I appreciate what you and your wife share with us so much and genuinely envy your amazing relationship including but going far beyond DD.

I hope to talk my wife into producing and sharing some of our own content one of these days - in pic or video format and definitely without showing faces. We do not have anywhere near the instrument selection (in part because we are not from the US and a lot of the implement sites would not deliver here) but when she really does get mad and decides to take it out on my ass, she can deliver noteworthy discipline.

Red said...

The disciplined husband... You are very welcome. Thanks for showing really great discipline pictures, without the bdsm, and other fetishes. Be very careful with photos, and make certain surroundings are not identifiable. I would appreciate a link to any other tumblrs that you like.
Bath brushes are readily available, garden rattan or bamboo sticks to hold up plants make great canes, leather belts, wooden kitchen implements abound, so only your imagination limits the variety of implements to be spanked with.
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The Disciplined Husband said...


Red said...

thanks for the list, some I know, but i will enjoy visiting them all and posting about some of them
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dannychristler49@yahoo.com said...

hi red its danny..Im a spanker of not only males but females as well..I started spanking when i was 14..just luckly enought i found a female who liked to be spanked.I think that wives who spank in the home are great..im interested in chatting with like mindee people.