female domination: avoid being a pinata

A whimsical collection of photos for your entertainment
if you follow all of these guidelines, hopefully you will not be invited to a pinata party... as the pinata
That's right, a few paces behind and slightly bent over, and carrying her purse for her
After a long day, it is always nice to have a footstool handy
When she has a few friends over, be certain to be cooperative
Serve drinks when requested..
Be ready to drop to your knees whenever requested, no doubt as to why.....
Be pleasant and accommodating to help her FEEL the erotic literature she is reading
and keep her content while she is messaging her friends
So remember those kind words she whispered to you after your last spanking
and avoid being a pinata.

bottoms up


Alex said...

That first pic is an artwork, but a very funny idea ! : )

Thank you for this beautiful set

Bryan said...

I agree with Alex, it's hilarious.

Red said...

Alex; true, but really funny
bottoms up

Red said...

Bryan; agreed
bottoms up