Thought for the day

Just little posts, as I continue to recover....
The above was made by D fo rhis blog and ur enjoyment a couple of years ago. Thanks D
so whether giving or receiving

remember to have fun: This  woman did...
and hopefully so did this man
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Just get better, love pics of hairbrushes in ladies hands.
Get well

Anonymous said...

Njspank I would agree!
I made that motivational poster a few years back!
and just love those "True Bottom Warming Experiences"


Red said...

Ron: i agree..I am only now realizing how bad it was, and how slowly my body is recovering. Walk a mile and be really exhausted later on... So I don't walk so far, and have gone mack to rest periods of15 -30 minutes in bed
bottoms up

Red said...

D: great motivational poster.. I put a link to your blog on the picture.
bottoms up