Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone on the East Coast and in Canada affected by Hurricane Sandy that you, your family, and all that you hold dear in life are safe.May the scariest thing be little trick or terreaters knocking at your door.
If you are daring enough, why not send the following card from
http://www.kinkycards.com/card2006.aspx?card=cardImages/3906.jpg&cardid=3906  to your partner
Too bad they do not have something as cute which has the man bending over asking to be spanked...However, they do have..
Another site you might visit is

which has some nice Halloween cartoons
 and another
http://crankyspanker.com/2012/10/28/sunday-before-halloween-2/ has a rather entertaining little segment from endart.
Fiction Halloween stories abound at

So, if I am not too lazy, I may just have to take a picture and adapt it with Paint to have a male orientated spanking saying...

Do have a Happy Halloween, and maybe you could attend a little spanking party...
bottoms up


web-ed said...

Thanks for the mention, Red. I'm glad you liked the cartoons on my home page.

Red said...

You are very welcome. I hope I drove some extra traffic to your site. i enjoy visiting occasionally.
bottoms up