Sex is good to cure headaches

Just saw this recently on Real Age, that you can sign up for, and receive free posting son health related issues. Always good to glance at and remember sometimes.


They have five ideas, before popping pills, but number three I totally agree with...
 Get between the sheets. But not for shut-eye. Women with migraines who abandoned the "not now, I’ve got a headache" phrase got better pain relief from sex than from their usual migraine remedy. And it worked repeatedly. We’ll bet it will work for men, too. Orgasm is associated with the release of a vasodilating gas called nitric oxide.
I will send this to Cindy, and we will try this the next time my migraines strike... and we will keep you posted.... and if it doesn't work, it still had to be a worthwhile attempt.
The last photo would have worked years ago, but might kill my back now.

and as a reward for helping remove a migraine, you might be spanked.... a win win situation
bottoms up


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    1. Joey: glad you liked them
      bottoms up

  2. Whenever I get a migraine my wife spanks me, she tells me it will help relieve it. Whenever my wife gets a migraine I get a spanking, I questioned her about it saying shouldn't she be the one getting spanked since it was her migraine? She said it makes her headache better when she distresses by spanking me, and since I questioned her authority and sassed her I found myself back across her knee for a second spanking. markiee

    1. markiee: our role in life is to accept being spanked, and you were doubly blessed.. and probably enjoyed at least the first spanking
      bottoms up


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