bridal shower thrills

This idea always sends happy thoughts through my mind.....
The bridal shower....
or a photo before getting dresses on
or proving how beautiful they are when not wearing UGLY bridesmaids dresses
play spankings

 so now, who will be in charge after the wedding

 but do remember the bride may have her own idea of who does what to whom...
so here is the other side
Wish we had started spankings when first we were married....


Wish we had started spankings when first we were married....
and a few other ideas can also be fun..
so if you click on weddings topic below, you can see the previous postings I have made on the topic of weddings, and spankings

bottoms up


  1. The picture of the bride holding the paddle is a smaller version of my wife. She got an oak paddle at her bridal shower signed by all her bridesmaids and mother, on the other side it had her name on the handle and my name at the business end. The first time I saw it was on our wedding night. My wife (6'2" 190 lbs.) met me (5'10" 165 lbs.) coming out of the shower and grabbed me by my handle dragging me over to our hotel bed and sat down. I one quick motion she had me across her knees and pulled the paddle out from under the pillow next to her and let me read the inscriptions on both sides, then she raised it up and brought it down a few times to christen it before tossing it aside. I don't need this to keep you in line she said then proceeded to give me the worst hand spanking I ever received. markiee

  2. Markiee: Great way to start your marriage. Obviously your bride must have also known of your love for being spanked....
    bottoms up


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