spanked: weight loss management

I am a slow learner.... and an even slower weight loss person. I had reached a high of 185, and then went down to the startling 183. Since then it has been a half-hearted attempt at weight loss, and I am down to 179 after about three months.
This is really not good, as my physician would like to see me at 170. I officiate a lot in summer, and this has probably been my weight loss technique, besides eating fish at least three times a week.
In addition, due to Cindy's health problems, which we hope have all cleared up and gone away, we have not been eating out or cruising with their sumptuous food...

Thus, weight loss to be effective will once again need some stronger encouragement.
Two days ago,we made the first attempt. Cindy used the wooden imitation machete that we had picked up last year when cruising in the Caribbean.

For those spankers reluctant to travel with spanking implements, this is the ideal implement. Purchase one like this at your first cruise port in the Caribbean. Every island sells it at local markets.

I was bent over at the waist, with my arms supporting me on the bed. This paddle can deliver a good wallop, and I received many. with this implement. I am certain it must make a good indentation on the flesh when it makes contact.
Cindy, with pauses to make certain I was not holding my breathe, must have delivered about 50 spanks. Cindy stated I could get up and look in the mirror, and the traditional grey area was vividly contrasted with the bright red. PS: I could still feel this spanking the day later.

Having the spanking completed, we then made passionate love. We are dabbling in the lightest of bondage, and Cindy put a blindfold on me, then tied with scarves my hands  outstretched, one to each night table ... Another useful role of night tables that manufacturers should advertise :)
Cindy caressed, sucked, licked, lightly brushed her breasts over my prick and balls, and over my face. Delicious torment...

She then lowered herself over my face, and I eagerly licked and sucked everything that my mouth could reach.

She had a tremendous orgasm, followed shortly thereafter with her reverse cowboy riding me to a glorious orgasm.

We caressed, after I was untied, and held each other in our arms. We then decided to go to a movie, and Cindy remarked while driving there that I can be remembering my spanking while sitting in the movie. I did, as the cushion seats were not enough for over two hours sitting.

Addendum: We may have to separate some sex and spankings to quick effective spankings for my weight. At the movie we had a good sized popcorn with butter, a rarity for us.  Yesterday, I worked in the yard in the heat, then went to the gym, and then officiated at night.  We then went out to the bar, where I had two pints (not one), fries, and came home and had a Danish pastry. I should have had a full glass of water before going to the bar, to quench the thirst.  Some fruit, instead of fries, and no food when we came home. A quick spanking with the cane or the dominator before going out should do the trick!
 We are both beginning to realize that this is necessary.

bottoms up


  1. I wish I could find a weight loss program like this in Maryland...sigh!!!

  2. Jim: good luck.. finding a partner you are compatible with in everyday things and being in love counts as the most important of all
    bottoms up

  3. Thanks for encourgement Red but I've found that lady. She's the love of my life but as vanilla as they come. She'll have nothing to do with anything out of her norm.
    Was more looking for discipline on the side. Diets don't work. Was hoping a good ass kicking would do the trick.
    Been there before but it's been many years ago.
    Thanks again. Jim

  4. Jim: best wishes to you both. The love of your life is more important than spanking.

  5. Red: Trying to have my cake and eat it too. Woe is me (not really). Jim

  6. Jim: having your cake, and eating it to, such a good pun on weight loss. IF I could only eat cake and lose weight... WOW!!
    PS: maybe buy "50 shades of grey" as a present, who knows where it will lead..
    bottoms up

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    1. Jim: My sincere apologies. I tried to go to the comment, and blogger deleted it instead... Fortunately I had already authorized it's publication, so I had been sent a copy. Any comments after I think four days of posting are kept for me to moderate, thus I know the comment exists and can then reply.
      Red, Don't get in here often but you seem to be the only person around. You are obviously hooked up but looking for others - the sinners (smile!).
      You know where they are hiding?
      Jim "
      JIM: I am totally confused by your comment, but thanks for leaving it anyways
      bottoms up


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