mostly F/M pictures

Nothing beats tumblr sites for pictures of spankings....

I could spend hours looking and saving website locations, and saving pictures for future use.

However, that would be a bit of a waste of existence, so I am limiting myself to a new site a day, with a maximum of 30 minutes....

Fm OTK SPANKINGS in one tumblr site, that has some pictures you may have seen before, but many new ones, as they are always being produced.

One wonders why anyone would pay to join a spanking website, when so much is readily and easily available for free.

About 8 years ago, I joined one site, and now when looking back at some of those pictures, the word LAME comes readily to mind. I was only a member for one month.

So here is today's site to visit....


I suggest you scroll down the archive for about a month, because the site has a large amount of foot fetish at the moment. Having over 588 pages, the majority of whicih is f/m women should interest many readers. 


Happy Spankings


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