home again

Our previous vacation has a few spankings while on the cruise, and lots of fun beaches to visit.

We are always frugal with our money, so that we take inside cabins on cruises, and only occasionally do we have a window. The less money we spend, the more we have for the next vacation...

You have to adapt to the room being dark when you wake-up, but that is the only drawback that we think exists.

The shows are the same, dining is the same, ports are the same, and every amenity on board is the same whether you pay for a balcony, or an inside cabin. Whenever we hit a port, we are off the ship immediately until just before it sets sail again...

Spankings: We took the bath brush with us, as it is in the luggage, and really, we do not care who sees it. A hint to the viewer is that the wooden side is quite well worn, but the bristles are pristine....

We also have thrown caution to the wind, in that the cabins are not soundproof....However, You only hear what is happening inside a cabin when you are immediately outside the door. I have never heard people's TVs from another cabin beside us. We do turn up the television quite loud, but whether you have music or a show, sometimes their is that dead air for a second or two, when spanks might be heard.

Cindy would be embarrassed if people knew she was spanked, so I am the one that is spanked on cruises, and Cindy makes certain to raise her voice at times as she pauses the spanks, lecturing me, before continuing the spanking.

Thus, anyone walking by, if nosy, would know that the woman is doing the spanking.

One memorable spanking was as usual bare bottomed over her knee, with the bath brush be actively and strongly spanking my bottom.

This spanking had a few different pauses between the flurry of maybe 15 spanks each time, so quite a few had me squirming and owwwwwing..

Cindy enjoys spanking just one cheek until she is pleased with the color and my bouncing around, then moves to the other cheek for similar action. Then a pause and lecture, followed by another round...

The sex was amazing afterwards, and Cindy quite literally screamed through her orgasm... That would have been heard cabins away.

Sex and spanking...what a great mixture...

Oh, by the way, we went back to the clothing optional (nude) beach at Orient beach on this cruise, so Cindy nicely did not spank me for four days before that port of St. Maarten...

Happy Spankings


  1. And to top it all off, your ship didn't sink, tip over, or need to be towed to shore by an army of tugboats.

    Welcome home:)


  2. Hermione: thanks..smiling...

  3. Glad your trip was fun and yes sex and spankings, wow.

  4. njspank: thanks, yes, the two are a dynamite connected activity


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