laps awaiting you for your spanking

Another collection of beautiful laps of all ages,Eagerly awaiting you bending over their knees for your spanking..The white will appear even whiter when your bottom is turning a bright shade of red
Oh, I am going to have such fun blistering your bottom...no matter how old we get, you are still my partner and you will still be spanked...
but decisions.. decisions should it be the paddle first....or the beltHappy Spankings


  1. Red,

    A very lovely collection of pictures!


  2. Red-
    There is nothing like a lucious lap just waiting for you to take position over prior to getting your behind lit on fire.

    I especially love the next to the last pic of the Lady wearing a girdle pointing to her lap. This pic was the inspiration to some of my early photography, and perhaps instrumental in getting my Lady to agree to letting me photograph her.

    BTW, she has a very nice lap, too.

  3. I will take the third one and the lady with the brush, wow nice underwear on them.

  4. suzanne; glad you like the pictures
    Ken: glad to know that your partner has a nice lap for you to be over while being spanked
    njspank: i think it is more the lady will chose whether to spank you or not.. but the fantasy is great for you and for I to dream about.
    happy spankings

  5. I'd take a spanking from any of them.


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