Wife spanked

The spanking given to me worked, but Cindy still was uptight, and unfortunately close to a melt-down. I saw recently on Real Age , or in a newspaper, that two philosophies can exist... You can have as a motto The Rolling Stones: " I can't get no SATISFACTION", or "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin.

You can assume correctly that I like the "Don 't worry, be Happy". Well, Cindy stresses for Christmas, no matter how prepared we are. IF something is done, she immediately states what still has to be done, not really being happy that another task has been accomplished.

I suggested the night before that she would feel better after a hand spanking by me, but she refused outright. I stated she was uptight, and it would change her focus from tasks to her bottom, and let her mind relax... followed by great sex... She still refused, so I watched more football. I tried to say how many days still existed before Christmas, but this is a boiling over topic for her, which clearly indicates the abnormal stress.So, one day later, Cindy was even more uptight, and after a little meltdown, I suggested that I really think a spanking is necessary for her to help calm down, but now it will be the hand and the wooden hairbrush. She immediately replied only your hand. AHA!!! So she agrees a spanking might help her.... I persisted that yesterday she was offered the hand spanking, today the offer has changed.

What happened to the consensual???? she stated... No problem, no spanking....

A reluctant okay, but not hard. I stated ten spanks with the hair brush, and she countered...no only five... I again stated that this has to be effective, so best it be ten.... she murmured something but did not say no!!!!

Immediately, I was sitting on the bed, with her bending over my lap with her pants down. I happily lowered her panties,which she had to raise up slightly to permit being done.

Some massaging and talking, and then the hand spanking started slowly, with my rubbing her bottom in between spanks for a little while. I talked about how great our life is, our kids, etc... and all the pluses in our life...

The spanks continued, but I told her of a bruise on her bottom she had gotten when she fell recently on vacation. She tried to say " you spanked me too hard", but I reminded her of when it had happened, and that I had only given her three spanks... She agreed that it was there from before... Back to a leisurely spanking, with lots of talking interspersed with spanks, so that her bottom became nice and rosy, but very slowly....

Time for the hair brush.... a couple of gentle pats on the target... I am enjoying myself immensely... and then a moderate spank on one cheek followed by the other cheek... OWWWW... a little massaging on my part and a reminder that Cindy should consider using spanking as a way of relief from tension before it gets so strong she needs the hairbrush...

Spank spank...
Cindy "that's enough thank you... "
my Reply was "we said ten..." Relax and let the tension fade... spank spank

That's ten... no you are not relaxing only six...

Spank spank... massaging and enjoying the view of her somewhat rosy bottom... only two left
"Not Hard"
SPANK SPANK with some gusto...

Massage massage

Some cuddling and caressing, and a reminder to thank me, which Cindy did...

No sex this time, although the thrill was there, but Cindy does not yet want to give in that her being spanked can relieve her stress, and also lead to great sex. The spanking at least makes her think twice before saying something unpleasant, which is also helping her control her stress.

I am not certain if I wrote about this last year, but Cindy was spanked at about the exact same time of year, for exactly the same reason. A somewhat discipline stress relieving spanking works most times for Cindy, and a harder spanking works for me also.

Cindy's bottom was no where near as red as this photo, but I like the photo.Happy Spankings

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