Love Our Lurkers

Thoughts for today... WelcomeMemo to the lurker... read the following photo scriptSo you like the concepts in the blog, but are too shy to leave a message of support... (read the next captioned photo.
I hope the above was interesting for you to read and dream a little.
I really appreciate you dropping by, and am thrilled whenever someone leaves a comment.

I post for the fun of it, and hope you like what you find.You can click on the headings I have posted, to see specific topics in this blog. Thus, I will not repeat our philosophy today.

So for today, some captions, and some spanking photos.
And remember, both partners may end up being spanked.enjoy and feel free to leave a comment.. truly appreciated...
Happy Spankings


lovslippers said...

Great blog. Thanks read it every day.

juliesp said...

Me too! Great blog. Many men won't have to go looking for photos on the Internet with you here! You do a much better job than Google Images! I mean if a man simply >must< look at Internet Porn, I owuld prefer that it's images of them being put into their place by strong women. Please keep pictures like the last down to a bare minimum ;-)

A.S.S. said...

Happy LOL Day. Love the pictures.

~Todd and Suzy

Pink said...

Hi, Red! Happy LOL Day!


ronnie said...

Happy belated LOL Day Red. Sorry late stopping by.


Hermione said...

Hi Red,

I don't consider myself a lurker here; more like one of the family. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


Anonymous said...

I might be late to this blog for LOL day, but I wanted to stop by and express my appreciation for yet another spanking blog. That last photo of Audrey getting spanked is just awesome! I love it.

Underling said...

Hiya Red. It was all I could do to get my own post up in time for LOL, and I didn't manage to make the rounds of the other blogs so I'm just doing a little catching up.

Still loving your playful posts and great selections of pictures. Keep it up!

Best wishes,


Red said...

to all readers: first my apology for not replying until now. I was out of town but had posts available for your reading enjoyment.

Lovslippers; wonderful to read, and thanks..

Juliesp: glad you enjoy the blog.. occasional women being spanked keeps things consensual, and just imagine payback when she has the man over her knee the next 50 times or more.

A.S.S.: glad you like the pictures..

Pink: Hi to you also...

Ronnie: thanks, and sorry i didn't make it to your blog..love your commenting often..

Hermione: definitely a friend,like Ronnie, and part of the family..

anon; thanks, and yes the photo is awesome

Underling: I love your blog. I will drop by and catch up soon..hope you have been busy..

Thanks to everyone who commented, and specially the new friends...

Happy spankings