Poll regarding Erections and Spankings

For Males today, another poll for ladies will follow another day.

I wonder what your sexual re-actions are when you realize you are about to be spanked.
Are you erect before you are even over her knee

Are you erect during the spankingare you erect after the spanking...while she admires your red bottom
and when she is sending you to think about the spanking while standing in the corner

erections and spanking

if you are male, a full erection usually occurs

immediately when informed you are going to be spanked
you become erect while standing in the corner waiting to be spanked
when seeing your partner seated holding a spanking implement
only when your partner begins to bare your bottom
when you are told to bend over her lap
while you are being spanked
only after you have been spanked and are kissing romantically

Current Results

Happy Spankings


  1. Good poll, and the pics were quite nice also. I can honestly say that when I'm told I have a spanking coming, I get rigid quickly.

    But once over her knee and the spanking commences, it usually goes away, at least until She's done.


  2. James: similar reactions, but not always immediate anymore. Could be my brain is finally realizing that the thrill also has a payment necessary, and the spanking does remove any level of erection I might have.

  3. i get erection before and it gets harder during spanking and i have actually cum during spanking very intense

  4. anon: the joys of being young... I used to get erections whenever a spanking was about to occur, but too many years have passed, so it does not ALWAYS happen, only most of the time
    bottoms up

  5. when told I will be spanked and erection happens and last until the swats get harder

    1. anon: similar to many of my readers, and myself also
      bottoms up


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