man spanked by wife

I thought I would just use a new heading, so as occasionally web browsers find this posting. We will be traveling extensively soon, so we had some preventive medicine to take yesterday against stomach aliments like e-coli . This is the second dose.... doesn't this even sound like spanking...preventive medicine, second dose.

We have found that making love in the afternoon fits in nicely with a retired lifestyle.

Thus, yesterday afternoon I put on panties, anticipating a hot time later. Cindy showered, then put on some sexy clothing, which included ruffles on the black panties, with a opening (crotchless) for easy access. The leather (imitation) bra, and a silk cover-up was amazing, and high heel black leather shoes.

After a little cuddling and kissing, Cindy stated it was time for my spanking. Cindy took hold of my erection, and had me follow her to the speaking chair.I then went to retrieve the hair brush, when Cindy stated bring me something leather.

Always wanting Cindy to choose, instead of me topping from the bottom, I brought three implements. The leather finger strap, the heart shaped metal studded paddle, and the magnastrap. Somehow I was imaging she would choose one of these.... silly boy...

Cindy seated herself on our spanking chair, and then indicated i should come stand beside her, to await being requested to bend over her lap. Cindy slowly lowered my panties, and then had great fun licking and sucking my prick, as did i (Really did I have to tell you that).

Cindy paused, and stated what a shame it is that I will soon lose this erection. I assured her that it would return, with a little attention.

Cindy had me bend over, and tucked me away firmly between her thighs.

The spanking started with the finger leather strap, which worked as warm-up.. This implement, when used in glancing spanks, really nips and smarts. This might be a rather strong spanking, if leather is being used for warm-up!!!Cindy appreciated my little foot dancing, and then proceeded to pick-up her favorite leather, metal studded heart shaped paddle. I do believe she appreciates it more than me.

Cindy concentrated on one cheek, until my feet were dancing, and I was owwwing, but unlike previous spankings, she just continued on that one cheek, hard... It seemed forever, but was probably about thirty seconds of strong relatively quick sp0anks raining down. It was the closest cheek to her, so that meant I was trying to keep my legs together, to lessen the devilish tip sneaking between my cheeks. I was not very successful.Cindy then moved to the other cheek, and my feet stopped dancing. It was like this cheek had yet to be spanked, unlike the one that was on fire. Cindy remarked that " oh you stopped dancing" , and proceeded with vigor that soon had me dancing once again.Cindy then proceeded to alternate cheeks with no discernible pattern as spanks landed, high and low, on the back of the legs, or a few intense spanks again in one spot.

Finally Cindy stopped, and my feet quieted down. Cindy moved her hands affectionately over my bottom in a soothing fashion, but then stated: " oh my, we still have this to use!" We can't have you over my knee for this one!

Dutifully i rose, and Cindy stood up. I moved the chair more into the center of the room, and knelt on the chair mostly upright. I have yet to bend forward stretching my bottom for the magnastrap, as the chair is too high back to permit it. (I have not suggested any other place where I could adopt that position. This next photo probably quite effectively shows what my bottom looked like, and the position on the chair
I leaned forward slightly and Cindy applied a spank. AUGH!!!!, and causing me to move completely upright. Cindy standing upright, and swinging that strap with strength elicited an uncontrollable verbal re-action.

I settled downwards leaning slightly forward, to be rewarded with another astonishingly forceful spank, which elicited the same AUGHHHHH AUGHHHH and my straightening upwards. the magna strap is not this long, but it seemed like it travelled this far to get such velocity.Cindy made a HMMMM sound, rather enjoying my reactions. The die was set, and I slowly assumed position, and a third spank immediately occurred. My re-action to each spank was the smae. It was like a band of fire had been given to my bottom, which had already been lit on fire.

Cindy stated: how about three more? It was not really a question, more a statement of fact. I stated: Yes dear.

One: AUGH ........
another: AUGHHHHh.....
the last: AUGHHHHHHHHHH>>OMG!!!!

You can up now dear.... oh my, looks like your erection has disappeared.....

Thank you for the spanking... With cuddling and kissing it will return...The sex that followed was simply amazing... with a fabulous climax for both of us... Far deeper, and more passionate, than when we were much younger....Simply amazing...

This was written over a few days, but let me inform you that my bottom was a bright red the day after, and still showing redness after a shower on the second day after being spanked...

Happy Spankings to all my readers... may your wishes come true..


  1. Hi
    This sounds like an amazingly good time.
    Hope you get a repeat.
    Michael M

  2. Sounds like you both had wonderful afternoon.

    Happy travelling Red.


    1. Ronnie and Michael
      it definitely was... sorry I missed this comment
      bottoms up

  3. Great post describing your lovely day... and nice pics! :)

  4. Weave: glad you liked the post and the pictures. I am always uncertain of posting sexual pictures on a spanking blog, but then, if spankers are prudes, then WTF does that mean.

  5. Wow being spanked by someone you love and finding out they love you enough to spank you. That is awesome. Then make mad passionate love to you. Oh yes would love that. Never meet a man that was man enough.

    1. anon: it would be something you both grow into..doubt it would start at the beginning, but everyone is different so who knows.
      bottoms up

  6. Would really like to see more man over the knee spanking women. I want a man that will be the man.

    1. anon: not clear with what you wrote.. goodluck in finding what you want in life
      bottoms up


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