tumblr strict women photos

Tumblr is the best sharing location for pictures that is in existence today.
(will she be using that belt on you)
You do not need an account..
(that look suggests the belt will be used on your bottom)
You can copy most of the pictures easily to your hard drive, and then re-post later!
(absolutely no question that she is waiting for you)
You can leave a trace as to where each picture came from so that the reader of your site can explore other sites, specially sites where a picture came from that they like.http://strictwomen.tumblr.com/

Thus, somehow I came to this site. It is relatively new, and you can easily browse through allt he photos by using the archive.The photos in this posting all come from the site.It appears that the site is run by DEDDY....
Hope he keeps posting excellent pictures of dominant women who are about to spank you.
Happy Spankings (at least this lady is happy to spank you)
The last photo has been removed at the owner's request


  1. I would rather see the ladies happy, than angry-looking!! It somehow improves "peace of mind."
    After all, isn't it ill-advised or "dangerous" to be dealt with by an "angry" person??? lolzzz


  2. Bob: definitely ill advised to be spanked by someone who is unhappy, and visually showing this displeasure. That is why I ended with a smiling woman who is happy to spank you.


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