Women spanked

Well,yesterday had men being spanked, and thus today has just a few photos for those of us that enjoy seeing a woman being spanked...
Now this first photo is of a very sensible woman protecting her skin from the sun, whereas these women hopefully have used suntan lotion before nude bathing
and this woman has the idea exactly 100 per cent wrong. The red should be where tie white is, and never the two should change places (except in spanking people)This woman is waiting obediently in the corner, holding the bath brush that will soon light up her bottom for a well deserved spanking.This woman is patiently, albeit worriedly awaiting a tanning of her bottom, suitably placed bare bottomed over pillows to create the sought after perfect angleThis woman is definitively being given a red bottom, where perchance a lotion wil be applied later to sooth the burning sensation.
This woman needed immediate spanking while in the kitchen (known as 'on the spot')
and this woman has taken to self tanning, the safe way without any harmful tanning rays from a salon
IF her partner finds out about this self spanking, then she will be made to put on her finest dress and high heels, to be required to lift the dress away from her bottom for a loving application of a cane. It is so very selfish to spank yourself, with so many persons in this world willing to do it for you.
so whether it is the maid who has come to spank you
or you are the maid about to be spanked
Have fun...Happy spankings
and have your partner take a picture of you displaying your tanned bottom for our imaginary delight.
happy spankings


  1. You find some great pictures Red. Taking a while for me to catch up with everyone:)


  2. Ahhhh A ray of sunshine, and laughter, great for a bad day!!!


  3. Love the photo of the girl looking into the mirror. Where did that come from?


  4. Ronnie: glad you like the pictures.. I enjoyed catching up on your blog when I came home from vacation. Yours and Hermione's are the two I regularly visit.

    James: Hope today is better than yesterday...

    Spankedhortic II: sorry, but i have no recollection of where i found the photo, but it is quite interesting

    happy spankings


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