pictures for the day

Why is this lady soooo happy? She has found helpers to cure your drinking.
Could it be that after she has spanked you today, her sisters and Mom are going to be visiting for the week and each gets their own day to spank you.

Sunday will be formal and severe
Monday has a bath brush awaiting
Tuesday can't wait for her day to come.remember, Wednesday's outing in the countryside... think again about what awaits
Thursday will be lots of fun (for us) sis has such a way with that belt
and Mom gets her turn on Friday...
and, oh did I tell you, but your Mom will be visiting us also.
A new folder (ladies 51) has been uploaded to the yahoo group


Today's selection of pictures was from this new folder.

Happy spankings


Suzanne said...

A very nice selection indeed!

Anonymous said...

Looking like a fun week shaping up!! :)

HERsubmissivehusband said...

These photos had my bottom squirming in my chair by Tuesday!

Hermione said...

Those are all very formidable ladies!


Anonymous said...

now I finally understand the expression "three ways to Sunday" - make that "seven"

or as the Carpenters sang, "rainy days and Mondays always get me down" - oh there's that bathbrush again. well, Monday is washday, but I think Miss Monday has more in mind than the bristle side of her brush.

Red said...

Suzanne: Glad you approve. Sunday looks awesome.
Anon: definitely a fun week for the imagination ONLY!
HSH: I doubt by wednesday you would not even think of sitting, letting alone actually sitting.
Hermione: fantasy for the imagination
sweetsuds: bath bushes are lethal to all bottoms