Wanna Be Closer to Your Man? Spank Him!

This came from the following place called Mom's Logic. I thought it would be fun to post.

A dominatrix (and mom of two) gives us pointers.
woman spanking man

Scientists have found that spanking your man can actually boost your bond. After spanking, the study found that couples reported increases in relationship closeness. As a professional dominatrix, that didn't surprise me a bit.

Spanking your guy can equal very hot foreplay! What's the allure? It takes responsibility and pressure away from your partner, even if only for a very short time. That person is no longer in charge...and that can be a very freeing feeling. Often, this type of foreplay (and role-play) can transport the couple to a different time and space -- which really pumps up the eroticism factor!

You DON'T have to be into pain or S/M to enjoy these activities -- after all, love taps can be just as arousing as a forceful smack! Just remember to always play it safe and follow my spanking tips and tricks. They're sure to send your partner into erotic overload:

1. Warm-up is important. Start the spanking session by slightly cupping your hands and lightly hitting each buttock one at a time, always targeting the fleshy, middle part of his butt.

• A good way to gauge how hard you should spank is to watch your partner's reaction. If he's having a tough time taking it, use a lighter touch. But if he tells you to spank him harder, by all means go for it!

2. Gently rub the skin after every few strokes. Rubbing creates a more sensual vibe, increases blood flow, and allows your partner to take the next stroke with more ease.

3. Lightly scratch the buttocks with your fingernails after you rub them to boost arousal.

4. Once you've created a nice rosy hue on the buttocks, cool his buns down with ice between smacks. The ice is soothing -- but the slick surface will make your next smack sting even more!

5. Try different positions while spanking. Making him bend down and touch his toes creates a taut bottom, rendering the sting of your hand much more powerful! This particular position will make him feel mentally submissive, too.

6. Put him over your knee for some good old-fashioned fun!

Try my tips, and I guarantee you'll have a spanking good time. Do you dare??????

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Anonymous said...

From a mans point of view,
I would totally agree…thanks!!

Red said...

D: you are welcome