She states the words you type

You Type... She speaks...
Technology has far surpassed me!!! This is truly amazing. Try it and see!!

Turn up the volume.
She will say anything you type.

"I am really going to enjoy caning you with this! See how well it bends"

When you move the mouse around, her eyes follow the pointer. When you write something in the left space and then click on 'Say it,' She says it!!!!

You may also change persons doing the talking and the languages they speak.


... Just a Wow !!!


Now you can have the woman of your choice say those endearing spanking words you love to hear.

Sorry, they do not have male voices yet

Cheers Red


Red said...

funny observation... of the last maybe 300 visitors, 165 left to go to this site listed above. Certainly wish someone comes back and gives a comment.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED it!.......Amazing to hear the different accents....saying what i want them to say.....indeed...technology...WOW!

Red said...

jeffers I agree it is quite fabulous. Thanks for leaving a comment. They are always appreciated