self spanking

Some of the spanking websites show women spanking themselves, which to me is a terrible waste. So many many men, and other women also, would be ever so happy to give them a spanking whenever they wished.However, in checking where readers come from (search criteria they might have used with a search engine, I came across this spanking site.
A Beginners Guide to:

Spanking You!

(Self Spanking Hints, Tips and Tricks)


The entire site is actually quite amazing, and I think you will revel in what you find there.

Old books are partially re-printed, some excellent ancient photos that I will use in some later posts, and so much more.



Saxon said...

First off, many thanks for the mention on your blog :)

Like you, I like to keep an eye on the search criteria that bring visitors to my site, and the page on Self Spanking was in response to the *many* visitors who are searching for more info on the subject.

Many people have responded to gentle questioning on why they prefer to apply their own discipline (and yes, it is a *preference*), mostly saying that no one else is able to spank them quite the way they like it. Others are stuck in vanilla relationships, thus precluding the chance to find someone to spank them. And a few have voiced their concerns over finding a spanker via the Internet.

All sound reasons, I'm sure you will agree :)

This is a fine collection of self spanking pictures too! Keep up the fine work...


Red said...

Thanks for your comment, and for the site you have about spanking. I need to publicize more about it in the future.
Hope I drove a little extra traffic to your site
bottoms up