much ado about nothing

A friend sent this photo from Canada. Now I understand going to watch a woman's hockey game, besides the purity of watching hockey for the sake of wanting to watch hockey.It looks like they have to shovel the snow off the ice before playing.... Here in the south, no snow shoveling, but men have always been blessed with a good imagination. Having a party, and not enough places to stock the cold beer. Try using the washer... And women sometimes say men do not know where the washing machine is... Well, back to the main topic of the blog....
So that is why you think I am sitting on the chair, because I am tired...
Think AGAIN!!!!!
love the boots


Hermione said...

No snow shoveling - you must live in Paradise. I thought it was over up here, till last night. Poor crocuses.


Red said...

Hermione: y'all should move where the sun and surf are great.