looking elsewhere than up or down

Come along now, it is time fro your spanking....Even though a spanking may be in progress, this does not mean one's attention is always one directional downwards.
You could find yourself in the diaper position staring at the ceiling and your spanker!
or looking backwards at your spanker as the cane descends
You may find yourself staring at the car window in the great outdoors
or at your spanker and the ocean while getting an intense red bottom tanor stare at the wall (an occasionally the ceiling) while standing and being spankedor the tree
(but do remember you might be the spanker one day, and the spankee the next [Audrey])
or the sky as your partner tans your hide
you may look backwards in shock as to what your partner said
or in anguish of despair as the shoe descends
You might be required to look at the witness who is watching you being spanked.
or you may have to look in a mirror to watch yourself being spanked...or look back at your bottom as each spank lands...
or, remember, looking back for the next cane stroke while your upper body is outside the window is not just reserved for ladies, but is also suitable for men..

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