friendly help shown by Waldo

In looking at the statistics, the majority of downloads are of dominant women, or spanking artwork that has men being spanked.
Thus today, I thought I would post a few of Waldo's drawings, where a friend or servant helps a woman keep her man in line!

Of course, a man is always willing to help a lady also
A link to Waldo's art already exists in one of the side panels, but here is quicker access.
and do remember to enjoy the experience!Many men secretly dream of being exactly in your shoes when you are being spankedor is it better stated as being bare bottomed in your place


ronnie said...

Great drawings Red and thanks for the link.


Suzanne said...

It's always nice to have some "assistance" or "friendly help" that is so willing to partake in the discipline! Nice post.

Hermione said...

Interesting pictures, although the blond spankee in the first few looks somewhat androgynous to me.
That's fine; the pics will appeal to a wider audience.


Red said...

Ronnie: yes, Waldo had some great drawings.

Suzanne; friends are always helpful in life

Hermione: upon further inspection, the enlarging penis certifies him to be a male. However, unless his erection is obvious, either sex could be in most of the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago, when we were living in Spain, we had a live-in Columbian maid named Marina who, inevitably, often overheard the spankings and whippings that my wife delivered at the slightest occasion. She flashed a knowing smile when she saw me emerging, tear-eyed, from the bedroom or from the study. My wife often threatened to have Marina "give her a hand but, fortunately, never followed up! One time, however, Marina witnessed a spanking I got in the kitchen (with a wooden spoon), and she giggled as my backside was getting paddled! After she left (to be married), I often wondered whether she tried to emulate my wife's 'techniques' with her own husband...

Red said...

anon: Interesting to read. Yes, I wonder what she thought. Do tell more whenever you are int he mood to share.