A fabulous day

Well, actually Saturday, but only having time to write this today.

We returned to using spanking as an aphrodisiac, and it was great. Having a roast beef in the oven, Cindy decided we had time for some play.

I retrieved the chair that we use for Cindy to sit on while she spanks me, and she asked me to retrieve something leather. I retrieved the heart shaped metal studded paddle, and Cindy remarked on " such a flimsy little thing".

I was informed to remove my clothing, and Cindy was delighted to see that I was wearing panties that we had recently purchased while shopping at Victoria Secret. We had talked prior to going to the store, and it was agreed that Cindy would choose some for her, and a couple of pairs for me. Cindy actually purchased nine for her, and three for me. Fortunately, the clerk did not bother looking to see if the sizes were correct, as nine were in medium, and three in large. I probably would have laughed it off, but in reality it might have been extremely embarrassing. There was quite a long line, and everyone would have heard or guessed. It was not at our local store, as we were in a different part of the state at the time.

After a little fondling, Cindy stated time for business to begin. She had me bend over her lap, but with the panties on, and had fun hand spanking the panties and the back of my legs below the panties.

A minute or two later, the panties were removed, and the leather paddle was picked up by Cindy. Like the drawing to the side, Cindy placed my erection between her legs, but fortunately moved her legs together so that both of us could enjoy the feeling. This was used with enthusiasm, as it has been a long time since Cindy has spanked me.
Cindy soon noticed that my feet were doing a little dance, and she paused a few times to say "keep breathing, don't hold your breath".

The metal studded strap is very effective, in that the metal studs add their own level of intensity beyond that of the leather. Also, it is heart shaped, and thus the tip finds its way into places not normally spanked. Cindy did an excellent spanking in my not knowing what and where this implement would next spank. When spanking the nearest cheek to her, the tip would delve into the crack between the cheeks, and when spanking the far cheek, it would wrap somewhat onto the far side of the cheek. She stayed at one spot for a while, and then moved to another.

The top of the backs of my legs were well spanked also, and I was dancing on her lap when she finally stopped. Cindy had worked out at the gum earlier in the day with weights, and stated her arm was getting sore. Cindy admired her handiwork, and decided maybe we should do just a little more. Cindy requested I retrieve something that is very effective,, so that she would only have to do a few more spanks.

I must confess that when we travel I hide away all the spanking equipment, in case relatives come and stay at our house while we are away. I am also extremely forgetful. I have many hiding places, and somehow I have misplaced the canes. I have searched high and low, but to no avail. We are currently in a clean out the house of all the excess things in closet and attic and garage, so hopefully they will re-surface soon.

We do however own the MAGNASTRAP from the dwc website, and it is a very capable replacement. Cindy had me kneel upright on the chair, and gave me four strong spanks with the strap. She then remarked how quite ferocious this strap is. She asked how many more I would like, and I meekly stated ONE! Cindy complied with enthusiasm! (This picture is not exactly the correct position I was in, but the intensity of the woman is similar to Cindy's intensity.)

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and then we cuddled, and kissed.

This lead to passionate kissing and fondling, and eventually I moved downward and licked and sucked and caressed Cindy to an amazing orgasm.

Cindy then had me sit on the chair, and she lowered herself onto my prick , and rode me for dear life. This lead to an amazing orgasm for me, with the intensity enhanced by a well spanked bottom on a rough surface chair.

Definitely, a fabulous day.
Hope you had a good day also.

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