troubles happen

Just a small posting regarding life. Not everything goes as planned, and another major crisis has developed starting yesterday. Oh well, that's the way it goes. Writing here within a community, where some readers are actually friends, and many others are sympathetic. helps lighten the mood, at least for a little while.Cindy this morning made up a somewhat fictitious reason to do a small spanking in the kitchen with "the implement". It was the normal bare bottom, lend over the counter, and numerous spanks, but for once not with any strength like when she is mad. It was simply a way of releasing a bit of tension for both of us. I definitely appreciated it.With a strong somewhat bull headed approach, I have circumvented some hoops, and the situation may be resolved by Friday or Saturday.So, a few pictures, for those who like pictures as much as I do. Lets call it the happy spanker photo shoot!cheers


BOB said...

I hope that you are able to get through whatever crisis that you are going through. Best wishes and luck to you both

Hermione said...

Bull-headed, Red? Say it ain't so!

I'm sure you handled the crisis admirably, with Cindy's help.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I hope whatever it is that is troubling you is soon behind you. ServingB

ronnie said...

Red, Cindy,

Hope it's nothing too serious.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for thinking of us during this time. Good luck!!

spankedbywife said...

Hang in there. We all go through 'stuff' and we are no exception.

However, thanks for the pix. There is nothing more lovely than the lap of a lady who is about to spank, especially when they are wearing stockings and a girdle to hold them up!


redxxx said...

Note to everyone: outside of this comment, I am not really posting at the moment. Fortunately, I have postdated a few posts, using a brilliant idea from Hermione, thus the blog will look active, when it really is not.

Bob: the trick is to survive, and have fun as often as possible.
Hermione, ServingB, Ronnie, Weave, sapnkedbywife : thanks for the support.

Alamo Preacher said...

I really, really like the icture of the lady in the red (vinyl?) dress in this post. Can you let me now where it comes from or who she is?
Many thanks.

redxxx said...

Al: thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. No idea who it is, and unfortunately do not remember where i found it.