Tree damage done by beavers

Most have seen tree damage done by beavers in the past, but this is the worst!!

Unimaginable destructive capability of beavers captured on film...
Beavers, left unattended, can clear a forest in no time.....

Ya gotta wonder just how in the hell did anybody get this setup.
PS: might these be Canadian beavers???


widgets said...

That is quite a collection of beavers and jugs you have. Little aj just stood erect as the rest of the forest was. The beavers will soon have to cut him down by lighting a fire on his moon.

BOB said...

Ive seen many strange photos on the internet.But i honestly can say that this is the strangest photo that i have ever seen

any idea of the story behind it

redxxx said...

Rachel: always remember to keep the home fires burning for your loved one.
Bob: no idea of the story, but it is a wonderful picture.