Looking up

The posting on stockings leads me to this obvious follow-up type posting.The idea of a dominant woman, and a submissive man, leads to many types of role playing, or reality, depending on your whims.I have many photos stored on my computer, and I came across this folder while looking specifically for a different set of pictures.Maybe someday I will be organized, but it is unlikely.However, the looking up at your woman who is planning to spank you will not last.Inevitably it will lead to the quite real situation of your looking down at the floor reasonably soon.
Hopefully, some romantic events will happen later.

one photo is from http://www.boys-boarding-school.com/index2.htm Many more exist free at this site.


widgets said...

This is the sight when i am on my knees asking for forgiveness after being roasted for being naughty only through tears.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

The one picture I liked was the old one. Droopy panties, hair in a bun, see thru bra. 1960's? Odd, but I like it.

redxxx said...

Aj: always a nice view...
Bogey: I loved the old one also... good for us old guys...we have aged with her, but she remains young