comment moderation

Unfortunately, I have had to move to comment moderation, which is something many bloggers use.
I have only recently started clicking on view the comments from the blogger home screen, and found a rather crude message posted to a much older blog posting.

All comments are forwarded to my email address, but I sometimes do not use that account for a few days or more. Thus, a message of this nature might stay on the blog for quite a while.

Thus, the easiest solution is to approve any comment before it actually appears on the blog. This way, I can still permit anonymous comments, but read them first. (The message was an anonymous comment)

So, today's post are some women willing to deal with such a person who leaves these inappropriate comments.

Enjoy the photos!



Hermione said...

Well, that's too bad, and quite a nuisance for you too. I hope there isn't anything awful going on. Some people don't seem to know how to behave in public.

The alternative would be to check that email account regularly, if you're like me, and want to receive followup comments on each post I leave a comment on.


Suzanne said...

I am a follower of your blog as well and part of a Wife Led Marriage where domestic discipline is often used. I recently had a similar experience to yours; an incredibly disgusting, cruel and just plain noxious comment was posted anonymously of course. I deleted it, made a comment about it, and switched to moderating my comments.

No need to post this as a comment. I just wanted to share my experience and let you know that I enjoy your blog!

redxxx said...

Hermione: yes, a nuisance, but worth doing. I do check regularly, but not when away. Now, I can check while away, and post by using the method you suggested of postdating. now all I have to figure out is how to add a comment in reply, without being logged into blogger. Any thoughts..
Suzanne: Thanks for sharing. Your comment is well worth posting. I will write a future post and link to your blog in the next few days. Everyone's version of spanking and DD is different. The spanko community benefits from so many diverse and wonderful ideas.

ronnie said...

Sorry you have had to turn your comment moderator on. People like that really annoy me.

Our techie friend is so good, I'm sure she will be able to give you some suggestions.


redxxx said...

Ronnie: no problem, just means others do not see comments as soon, which I regret.