The spanko world is a large and diverse environment.

Sometimes you may come across a blog that is entirely what you have been searching for in life, but then again you come across blogs that you abhor.

I am never approving or disapproving of what other couples do, as long as it is consensual.

Needless to say, my opinion counts for nothing in terms of what another couple does or does not do in life.

Having stated all of this, a follower of my blog is Suzanne, and she occasionally comments.

Thus, I thought I would give a little prominence to her blog.

Doubtful that my mentioning her blog will increase much traffic to her site, as she already has 249 followers, almost four times the number of followers that i have.

However, I do not publicize many other blogs, so please do not join just so that I can post about your blog.

The greatest method is to leave comments on other peoples blog, and if readers of that blog are intrigued by your comments, they will then click on your name, which pops up information about yourself that you have chosen to share, and also lists any blogs that you have created.

So to start : here is what Suzanne writes about herself.
"I am a 40-something professional Woman in a Wife Led marriage. I am married to a 28 year-old loving, dedicated, trustworthy and obedient man. (s)he is the best "wife" I could ever ask for!"

Suzanne's partner also posts on Suzanne's blog. He has been given the name "SISSY TAMMY", so now you have a good inclination of the nature of the blog.

Suzanne deals with topics like cuckolding, being dressed in panties and as a woman, and many other variations, go take a look.

Variety is the spice of life.

The links are excellent for this concept of the spanko and wife lead variety way of life.

Thanks Suzanne, for sharing your lifestyle with the community.

Click on the link http://suzanne-allmine.blogspot.com/

addendum: some great posts by Underling currently with his story line.
click here



Suzanne said...

Thanks for the most wonderful write-up about my blog! I'm flattered!

widgets said...

As those of us in the know: This Is the only way to live. A good strong woman keeping her boy in line from the altar forward.

alan said...

The bridegroom across the brides knee in the packed church is the ideal way to start a marriage. He has to know who will be in charge throughout with regular spankings across her knee.
Fantastic!!!. But oh! the bare hand would be so much more erotic.

BOB said...

Underling's website is actually how i discovered this one. I would strongly recomend Underling's site to any one that likes spanking or the concept of female led relationships.His artwork is fantastic!

redxxx said...

Suzanne: you are welcome
Rachel: I tend to agree
Alan: The bare hand is erotic, but never as effective.
Bob; Glad you came over to my blog. I personally love underling's site.