A little for everyone

Panties that every spank loving wench would love to own, whether for herself, or for her partner to wear!
These cuties should be wearing the panties...
In closing: a couple of cartoons from the past.
The first definitely would warm up both participants!Whereas the second is just another reminder how spanking was thought of as a fun activity (erotic)cheers


widgets said...

Those panties in your first picture are ideal for the man in my life. In the second picture he liked the girl to the left (each to his own) as he claims its the tush which counts. The comics are interesting and do wake up the latent spirits in all of us.
Rachel & aj

Underling said...

Red, I'm loving those 'Make Me' panties! And the boob flashers. And - oh, I guess just women and everything about them :).

Hermione said...

I like the two joke magazines, and the fact that spanking is treated as erotic and fun.

Ninety-five cents?


redxxx said...

Rachel and aj:
too bad that in our politically correct era, you can't see magazine covers like this anymore. Glad you like the panties

Underling: glad you enjoyed the posting

Hermione:95 cents, was a lot of money when you and I were young