keeping with the Christmas theme

Thought I would continue having fun, with family around so no spanking occurring at our house.... Short snippets of time exist, but either one of us is out, or one of us is too tired and busy.

So, let the humor begin... (Actually, I did give Cindy four hard swats with the kitchen spoon today, when folks were elsewhere, but it was over very thick jeans.

One way to deal with someone claiming to be Santa's helperWhereas this could truly be Santa's helper...
Now Mrs. Claus has her own ideas of a Merry Christmas day, and definitely a Happy New Year. .

And Santa certainly does deliver ....
However, your Christmas wishes should never be too extreme....otherwise both of you might end up being spankedas your Christmas present
Then again, maybe Santa might like it himself...
Oh well, back to the usual solution to every problem!
get those pants down!Come here and let's get this spanking started.


ronnie said...

RAFL, oh Red they are too funny. I love the one of the couple in bed.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for all your great posts this year, I've really enjoyed stopping by.

Love and hugs,

Hermione said...

LOL! I like the first one best. And the third one, and the one Ronnie mentioned too.


redxxx said...

Ronnie and Hermione:
Glad you both liked them... Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, with plenty of spankings.