Happy New Year :photos for those who like seeing men spanked

A wish to you all:
May the clothing be shear And the forthcoming spanking really sear
May you have a lap to lay over knowing the hair brush is near...or a knee to be ordered over with a cane to bring fear..
whether the aftermath of the spanking is subtlety dear
or the aftermath of the spanking is amazingly clearor how long you will be waiting can be predicted only by a seer
Although others might laugh and sneerAnd being feminized and spanked might cause some foolish people to jeer
But may you be hoping (if you don't like it) to avoid the spear
May the New Year bring everyone the spankings they desire to rain down on their rearand may there be some guests that will have cause to cheer while others might simply have cause to learSo from corner to lap or lap to corner may you never veer
almost as though those unknowing of the thrills would think you were a steer.so my wish to you is for a happy New Year
may you be spanked every day on your made to be spanked spheresso without further ado, COME HERE!Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post and the pictures to go along with it. Happy New Year, and a spanking good year for everyone!!!

BOB said...

And a Happy New Year to you as well MR Redxxx!
I always enjoy artwork of women spanking thier husbands as other women look on gleefully

spankedbywife said...

Holy Cow! You found pix that just about includes all my fetishes. What an amazing post.

And Happy New Year, too.


redxxx said...

James, Bob, and Ken Glad you liked the posting, and Happy New Year to you and your family.