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Another idea coming out of Japan... they are just as kinky as we are.They obviously have a dual purpose, as they would also make a great place for a person to lay over bare bottomed, awaiting a spanking.The thought of the lap and the spankings would definitely make for sweet dreams.
However, my usual view of Cindy's lap is more of this nature, and doesn't the smile tell the story. This lady is even holding the exact body shop heavy weight bath brush that we own.Definitely no sleeping on this lap is going to occur, but maybe significant dancing of the feet to the beat of the bath brush tune!

UPdate: yesterday was another short spanking in the kitchen, bare bottomed leaning on the counter, with a different wooden kitchen implement. Spanking is returning to our life, and I am learning and enjoying at the same time. The area spanked was still red four hours later.


widgets said...

Dreaming on a lap of being over the lap is a wonderful relaxing hiatus. Now being over the lap and knees with pants and panties down while lighting up with some female help: that is a blessing. Resting and loving your mate for putting color into your life that is extatic pleasure! Now is the time we hibernate while the mobs are out paying top dollar for the bargains we will get in January and beside who needs to deal with the crazies and their meanness. Not us.
Rachel & aj

Our Bottoms Burn said...

The woman has pleasant smile, I like the girdle, and the bath brush would certainly be formitable. But, that's too much for me. Nice to look at, but not for me in real life.

redxxx said...

Rachel and aj: Hibernating from the mobs shopping is a great idea. We shop on weekdays to avoid the crowds. May aj be blessed often.
Bogey: Pleasant smiles might be the worse. Then again, it depends how strong the bath brush is used

Hermione said...

I like the lap! Do they come in male forms too?

On second thought, That might not be quite so comfy, what with protrusions and all. But definitely a good thing for pretending to be spanked.

Four hours later you were still red? Cindy is a Wonder Woman!


redxxx said...

Hermione: missed this comment..sorry... Well now, you can always be comfortable on a man's lap with your head, if you take loving care of the protrusion.
Cindy is a wonderful person

Anonymous said...

Interesting posts. My gf and I are just dabbling in spanking

Red said...

anon; wonderful to dabble, and enhance your relationship. Spanking helps solves problems for us, but only one sided of Cindy spanking me, except rare occasions where Cindy agrees she was wrong.
Best of luck..spanking enhances our sexual relationship.
bottoms up