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UPDATE: ERICA HAS MOVED ONCE AGAIN.... here is the new site


Time to post about a fabulous blog, that many if not all of my readers know about.

Erica Scott is a beautiful, fun woman, who openly professes AND lives a spanko lifestyle. We chatted a few months back, and she encouraged me to try the MySpace universe.

I did, but after a short time, I stopped.

There is so much spanking material in blogger, that MySpace was simply have me spending too much time on spanking.

Fortunately, Erica has left the dark side and moved to the light :-)

I have meant to post about her site a number of times, and then been sidetracked.

Erica describes herself: Can be loving, affectionate, loyal, quick-witted, playful, sensitive, empathic, tenderhearted, mercurial, stubborn, sarcastic, impatient, perfectionistic, contrary, opinionated, cranky, antisocial, restless, kinky, exhibitionistic, rebellious, incurably flirtatious, or any combination of the above, depending on the day."

She has an absolutely fabulous video of her being spanked on her site.
Click this link to find it.

IF you have already seen it, this is the link to her site.


Erica did not like posting this photo, but I think she looks amazing. (Erica: it's my blog, so I can post it, unless you absolutely insist!)

Go look!

You will be happy you do.



OldFashionGirl said...

She has such a great butt! xoxo

Bonnie said...

Erica is amazing in many ways and it is reflected in her blog. I wholeheartedly second your recommendation!

Erica said...

Red -- thank you so much! You've made this little attention hoglet beam. :-D I don't have you on my Blog list; I'm going to rectify that immediately.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

She has a sassy mouth and I mean that in a good way. Glad you posted about her video's, I was going to get around to it.

Hermione said...

Erica is one of my favourite bloggers, and you are another. Good things come in pairs!


ronnie said...

Erica has a great blog Red but sadly I don't visit nearly enough so from now I will make sure I visit regularly.

Thanks Red.


redxxx said...

Everyone loves Erica. So nice of everyone to leave a comment expressing what a great blog Erica has.
Thanks :
oldfashiongirl: yes she does
Bonnie: so wonderfully nice to have an friend of a long time drop by ( I would never say an "OLD" friend.:-)
Erica: you are welcome.. glad you didn't ask me to remove the picture.... if you did, you might just get another spanking... thanks for the link
Bogey: sassy is exactly what I love..
Hermione: I do think fondly of you, and your blog.
Ronnie: only so much time in the day, and so many blogs and friends to visit.

Kay Beck said...

Hi, Yes you do have a nice bottom and do love the position! Yes am very familiar with that one getting that talk from hubby!

Red said...

Kay: thanks for dropping by. If you have a blog about your spankings, do share with me, so I can share with my readers. 9and it is a delightful bottom.
bottoms up