Catching up (euphemism for being spanked)

Euphemism: A very nice word....

Cindy sometimes suffers from stress, and gets unreasonably over the top shall we say. This over the top behavior let's me know that the stress is strong at the moment.

Summarizing the last few days, Cindy flew into a momentary rage on each day, over what might be considered either a misunderstanding or a difference of opinion.

Yesterday, I expressed to Cindy that I would rather her spank me strongly, than having her shouting irrationally. Cindy has found that whether I am the cause of the stress or not (mostly not, as I am an angel), her spanking me, and then our making passionate love really helps calm the beast so to speak.

Cindy agreed.

Later that evening, Cindy informed me that she was going to take a leisurely bubble bath, after which she was going to SPANK me.

When Cindy had finished her bath, she called me to come into the bedroom. When I approached the room, she was standing looking absolutely beautiful in a very sexy black faux leather one piece outfit. Both the thought of the spanking and the mood setting for making love had its normal effect on me.

We kissed for a minute, and then Cindy informed me to get out three implements to assure the spanking was effective. (ooohhh!)

Doing as requested, the strongest leather instrument we have is the leather heart shaped, METAL STUDDED paddle. I retrieved the 'holy terror' wooden paddle, and the heavy duty rubberised Strap (titled the magna strap). The last two items can be purchased at www.disciplinarywivesclub.com , and I recommend them to you. The heart shaped paddle was found in a regular adult oriented store that exists in any big city in America.

Cindy sat on our new spanking chair, but decided she needed shoes to have her legs at a suitable height. I retrieved them for her.

Cindy had me stand in front of her as she lowered my pants, and then my underwear, which in this case were panties. I sometimes put these on when i have been previously informed that I will be spanked. I find them erotic, as does Cindy, and they are a reminder of what is to come.

Cindy remarked on my erection showing that I was rather excited about the spanking. She then had me lay over her lap, but enjoyed opening her legs and guiding my erection between her thighs, and giving a good squeeze. This was the first time she has ever done this, and remarked how much she liked it.

With a short warm-up of hand spanks, some as hard as she could without hurting her hand, clearly noted the spanking had begun.

Cindy then picked up the leather METAL STUDDED heart paddle, and began spanking away with enthusiasm,totally without any pattern that permitted me to know where the next spank would land. Many spanks on one cheek, then the other, then on the same spot until my feet were doing a small dance of their own.

A small pause, while Cindy affectionately ran her hand over my bottom, and informed me as to why I was being spanked! Then Cindy began again with the heart shaped METAL STUDDED leather paddle. (Have I mentioned that it has metal STUDS?) If you have never experienced them, they are definitely attention getting in a very efficient way. It is like have two spanks at the same time on the exact same spot. Need I say more.

In no time my feet were dancing, my bottom was squirming, and I was grunting and owwing. ! Cindy finally decided she had used this implement enough, and that it was time to move on. She stated, in a semi-sad/happy that unfortunately my erection has disappeared. I may be erect before every spanking, but it disappears as the spanks rain down.

Cindy asked me to stand, and picked up the 'holy terror', and swung it around for effect and to get the feel of it once again. I was then directed to kneel on the chair, bend over, so that my bottom would be sticking out to greet the paddle.

I must say that Cindy had fun using the wooden paddle, and I was showing my appreciation by squirming a little, my feet once again dancing, and some verbal noises when a spank with extra gusto arrived to greet my bottom. Probably only twenty or more spanks, but they were PLENTY!

Cindy then stated lets finish with this other strap.
She caressed my bottom, and then had me kneel on the chair but being upright. (body straight, knees bent at a 90 degree angle)

One strong swat, and I was bouncing. Cindy paused to wait for a stationary target, and commented how wonderful this strap is. Cindy stated let's have eight more strokes to end your spanking, and please count them for me.

Those eight, delivered slowly with strength, had me owwing and grunting, and exhaling breath with each stroke.

Cindy stated that we were finished, and I thanked her for the spanking. She rubbed her hand over my bottom, and told me to go look in the mirror. What I saw was a well roasted, bright fire engine red bottom.

Cindy called me back, we kissed, and then proceeded to have a fantastic time kissing, cuddling, sucking, caressing, fucking, adn great orgasm for each of us.

The disciplinary spanking (for Bogey as way of explaining) was needed for both of us to relieve stress, and re-connect. It is just a way of saying any problems that exist have been solved, and no outstanding issues exist. It is identical to a spanking for the love of being spanked, except that in our case we are also putting an end to a discussion or problem that had existed.

When you really come to think about it, after being married over 30 years, it doe snot matter who is right, just that we both love each other.

The photos are not of Cindy, nor are they of me. My bottom was far redder than the gentleman's above.

PS: this morning, before my shower, the bottom was red in spots, and after my shower, it was bright red. Effective, and wonderful.


BOB said...

MR Redxxx
Thanks for posting all of the recent photos of women spanking men. I love the top photo.Its great to see a woman casually undress her husband.I also liked the 2nd photo. Maybe its me.But i love a photo where the husband is naked and the wife is clothed and she is casually caressing parts of his body.The casual aspect of it is great.Especially as she seems to have a sly smile on her face

i love the 2nd to last photo. I love a woman in glasses! I also like the fact that shes wearing a simple floral dress. i like the photos where the woman is dressed casually and for her own comfort. It may seem strange.But to me a woman in a knee legth skirt and sandals is sexier then one in a mini skirt and high heels. i love the confidence of a woman that dresses in what SHE feels comfortable in.

I used to search sites like Webshots for pictures of college kids spanking each other. It used to be mainly Sorority girls getting spanked by boys.But more and more you are seeing candid photos of college women spanking college boys. The young college guys seem a lot more willing to playfully and submissivly stick out thier ass for a spanking.And the women are usually positivly gleeful at the opportunity to spank a man

widgets said...

It was a nice gesture of you to take a spanking. I usually have this problem with aj going off. I have found that a B-12 vitamin shot evens his personality. Now I spank and then give him his shot where I have spanked him.

Hermione said...

I would so much rather be spanked than yelled at. Words can be so much more painful.


redxxx said...

bob: Glad you like the pictures i include in the blog. Happy hunting for more throughout the web.

Rachel:? ouch
Hermione: very true, and usually the rebuttal just leads to more problems. Amazing that I was spanked, as like you, I thought I was perfect in all ways...