Alone at last

It would be interesting to find a pair of man sized panties with this description, then Cindy might suggest I where them at times as an additional reminder.

Well, we are finally settling in to being at home, and are having a few relaxing days between the travels and the other stresses of life.

I am slowly trying to initiate a conversation about spankings. The time has not been right, as I have a somewhat long and lingering cold, but I have used the tried and true method of sending an email about the topic, and referencing a newer website that I found. Many of you already know about it, but I am happy to have found it.
I will post about the website soon.

Yesterday, Cindy did a short intense spanking in the kitchen with a wooden spoon. She had just burned her finger for a second by touching a hot pan, and immediately decided to fry my bottom. for whatever uncontrollable urges I have, one is that when the meal is ready I hasten to get everything on the table and served. Cindy has spoken about this with me numerous times, with numerous spankings, and I respond well for a while, but then it simply fades away in memory.The spanking was fast and strong, with me leaning over the kitchen counter with a bare bottom.

The curtains were open in the kitchen,so at least I was smart in scurrying over to the far side of the counter so that the spanking would not be obvious to neighbors.

Later that evening, we made passionate love for the first time in weeks.



  1. red:
    The illustrations with this article are very nice. All you need is to find those panties in a large or extra large and you can wear them with pride. This is the time to hibernate until January.
    Rachel & aj

  2. Red-
    I am sure that there are plenty of sewing machines out there that can embroider the saying on whatever panties Ms. Cindy has you wear. And if she doesn't have such a machine I am guessing that she has a friend who does.

    And, I can identify with Ms. Cindy burning her finger then spanking you. At our house, everything is my fault and I sometimes get similar spankings. Glad to hear that I am not alone.


  3. There is a real need for panties made to fit men.

    Where does your stress come from? I see travel as relaxing.

    Hope you ditch your cold soon. We have escaped colds the last few years.

    I am with you on serving food hot. If Cindy has a problem with that, it is her bottom that needs tending.

    First sex in weeks? That would be stressful to me.

    Hot pictures

  4. As a matter of fact, I saw just such a pair of "manties" in a gift shop. They were about $25 and had been on the shelf for a long time. The box is tattered, but each time I see them, they haven't been reduced. So they ARE out there!


  5. Nice post but you don't need a man sized pair of panties, you should be forced to wear her size! Makes it more interest!

    Great work


  6. Rachel and aj: Glad you liked the pictures. I would love to find panties of this nature. Hibernation is for those people in the cold regions of the US, we prefer the warmer climate where it is not necessary.

    Ken: sounds like a good idea for a website business. Wouldn't want to ask around the neighborhood to find someone who embroiders.
    Being spanked for something not entirely my fault is reasonable and also enjoyable (at least eventually after the spanks stop). Glad to know we have some things in common, which is a good thing.

    Bogie: You can always buy panties everywhere, and the fact that they don't fit completely is a reminder that you are wearing them.
    The recent travelling has not been totally explained, but it was not relaxing. It was however totally worthwhile.
    Now on antibiotics, and the ears still make a little music on their own..
    Cindy has to agree to have her bottom warmed, and it is happening more than ever.
    See above for reason sex was on the back burner. IT is now on the front burner.

    Hermione: I would rather purchase the occasional one for $5, unless it was something special like in the picture.

    Njspank: You could be right, but they probably would rip, thus be ineffective.

    Thanks to everyone who left a comment. I am thrilled.

  7. I love the photo of the man orally pleasuring the woman!

  8. Bob: they are somewhat hard to find! But I certainly enjoy pleasuring Cindy orally.


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