300,000 hits

This is nowhere near as impressive as Bonnie's TEN MILLION hits, but I am quite happy with the numbers. Thrilled actually. (Thanks for the correction Hermione)

Almost as happy as many of my readers when they see a happy smiling woman sitting on a straight back chair. The implications of this are exciting, and at the same time ominous. The second photo clearly states the intention without any unnecessary words.The purpose of the blog is for me to have fun, describe some spankings n our life, and to let people know that you can be quite normal (well maybe not in my case) and still enjoy spanking or being spanked. The next picture certainly tells you that you are in trouble, BIGTIME TROUBLE.Thus, to all those people that drop by regularly, or first timers, thanks for dropping by.

I appreciate everyone, and specially those who leave a comment. The next photo shows a woman with a very hard hand, as the man's bottom is quite red, simply from a blistering hand spanking.And the last photo is quite fun for your amusement. Looks like one woman is being spanked, but not a willing participant. Another woman appears to believe she will be spanked next, and is making a quick getaway. Due to the fact that we believe spankings should and must be consensual, I am assuming that the man and woman have an agreement that involves spanking.
Thanks again for dropping by.


ronnie said...

Wow 300,000. Congratulations Red.


Hermione said...

Normal? Who wants to be normal?
Congratulations on your milestone. Your blog appeals to many people!


P.S. Bonnie recently celebrated 10 million hits - a number most of us will never see.

redxxx said...

Ronnie and Hermione: thanks
love and hugs, and maybe a few spanks

Suzanne said...

Congratulations! It is well deserved. I agree with Hermione, your blog has a wide appeal. I'm hoping to get to 300,000 soon myself :) Thanks for all you do!

redxxx said...

Suzanne: thanks for the priase, and good luck with your blog also. The more the merrier, and the more contented both males and females will be.