Warning Spanking

Yesterday had a rather hot warming event. We were planning to go out with neighbors for dinner, but I always have some reservations about spending time with them. Pleasant to talk with for a few minutes, but sometimes the detail given has one spending what appears to be an hour when it could have been stated in one minute. In effect, it many times does take 30 minutes to say something that is sufficiently covered in one minute.

Cindy had a solution for this. She announced about an hour before going out the time we were to pick them up, and that she was going to spank me before we went out to guarantee good behavior. Oops! As much as I may enjoy the after-burn of the spanking, the affection in being spanked by my wife, A spanking does bring some trepidation also.

As time passed, Lynn and I got ready, and I kept a close watch on the clock. About ten minutes before we were to pick them up, Cindy picked up the phone and called the couple, stating we would be ten minutes late.

Cindy hung up the phone and requested I get the wooden paddle. Oops!!!! Cindy intended to do a thorough spanking, not just a quickee like she usually does.

When I returned with the paddle, Cindy was already seated on a chair, pulled out in such a position that I could lie comfortably over her knee, at least until the spanking started.

I quickly lowered my pants and underwear, and was bare bottomed over her knee.

Cindy slowly explained, while spanking with her bare hand, that I was going to be very pleasant tonight. This spanking was to ensure my thoughtfulness throughout the evening. Cindy has somehow figured out how to use her han din a way that really gets your attention. It is hard, and yet her hands are very soft normally.

Cindy then moved to the paddle, and stopped the lecture to concentrate on the spanking. The spankng was energetic, but Cindy after spanking from cheek to cheek, simply concentrated on one cheek. After about twenty spanks to that cheek, she declared the spanking over. One cheek was a fire red, whereas the other was only a blushing red. I thanked her for taking the time to spank me.

Cindy went to the bedroom, to finish up with the last touch of make-up. My bottom was hot, but I felt a few hard spanks might be necessary. We had just seen this couple two nights before, and I had no idea what we would talk about so soon again.

Now, here is one mistake coming home to roost, so to speak. On our Alaskan cruise, we stopped in Victoria. I had read on a few blogs in the past about an infamous Body Shop bath brush, and thought it would be fun to own one. Well, maybe more fun for Cindy than for me. It is longer than our other bath brush, rounder (read more smacking surface), and much heavier. (read: wow, does it pack a wallop.)

I pulled it out from its hiding place, and asked Cindy if she could give me two or three more just to make certain for this evening.

With a smile on her face, Cindy agreed. Well, no job is ever done with two or three spanks, and Cindy really lit a volcano on my bottom with maybe thirty hard smacks. I was bouncing around a bit, in the standing upright position, and Cindy paused a few times to say: "are you breathing?" I would take a deep breath, and Cindy would then start spanking again.

When Cindy finally stopped, she stated " that I should be careful what I wish for". She also commented how nice this bath brush is!!! (Oh My Goodness!!)

We had a wonderful evening out, as my bottom truly reminded me throughout the evening to be charming. Once the other man started to talk about something that really, really annoys him, and I quickly interrupted saying "Let's just talk abut all the good things in our life, and moved the conversation elsewhere. " Later, I began to worry a little if Cindy thought this was not done well.

The evening finally ended after a nice meal and wine.

When we arrived home, Cindy asked how my bottom was, and I replied that I definitely could feel it. Cindy stated that we should finish what we started earlier, but, with a smile from ear to ear, suggested that we should now make love.

It was fantastic for both of us.

Warning are always enjoyable


Hermione said...

I love Body Shop products, but I suspect I wouldn't like the bath brush at all, even though no animals were harmed in its manufacture.

Great story, Red!


Rachel said...

Redd you received the preventive medicine you direly needed. You also had the challenge of the super reward and you were very nice to your friends. aj has a childhood friend whom I spank him for having as a friend because he is a jerk.

redxxx said...

Hermione: You really should try it. Every implement depends on the force that is used, not the implement itself. I recommend it.
Rachel: preventive action is usually a great idea.