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A new find, that I have not explored beyond page four at the moment, is excellent if you like pictures of young women being spanked.The intro:"Spanking Photography features original images from erotic photographer Jason Oak on the subject of spanking. All models are over the age of 18, and all scenes are depictions of consensual adult fantasy. Jason Oak, who has a studio in London and a second one on the South coast, works to commission and can be contacted via this blog. All images are copyright (c) 2006-2008."By advertising the site, I am hopeful that this will generate some traffic, and thus using a few photos from the blog is justified.


The words used to give a little tale (but I mean tail) about a spanking are erotic.Do leave at least one comment if you visit. Encouragement is good for the person who posts items for your enjoyment.



Rachel said...

Jason's pictures are terrific and he brings some of our fantasies to life.
Rachel & aj

Anonymous said...

A nice selection of photos.It is good to see alight birch in action but the last one with the younglady lying over his knee is the best for me! He is surveying his meticulously applied caning of her super bottom.The results are clearly displayed as is the precision of the spaced strokes!The marks on her inner thigh are probably from a strap? He feels however that to drive home the message, she needs a spanking as well- no more binge drinking no more late nights! Bob

redxxx said...

Rachel: Fantasies are great, and photos that show one of them is great.

Bob: great description..thanks for commenting... It is a good site to visit.