Well ,just a quickee post to add a few photos, and to describe a quickee spanking. This next picture really gives yo a good view of the spoon, and the coverage it can accomplish on a bottom. Cindy yesterday decided to use the wooden spoon in the kitchen to warm up my bottom. Ten quick, hard , spanks with that heavy wooden soup spoon had the desired effect for both of us.It can make nice white marks, surrounded by some red, when used on the same spot for ten spanks, and then another identical ten to make certain the other cheek is not neglected.



Rachel said...

It is great to add color and relieve tension. Enjoy your rest.

BOB said...

Even though its not a candid, i love the second photo! I love the fact that the woman in front is smiling. I know that most people like the stern look on spankers . But i have always enjoyed the photos where the woman was gleeful and estatic at having her husband at her mercy and over her lap.

redxxx said...

Rachel: Thanks, relieving tension is always a good thing for a person. Stress is a killer.
Bob: A happy spanker is a delight to see. I agree.
Stern, however, lets you know you are equally in for a hard time.. (both the spanking and the sex afterwards)